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Meet Our Wild Mustangs

Since 2011 our sister facility, Tashunka, has been the second home for over a dozen mustangs that were adopted from the wild. About once a year they will get one or two new mustangs from the wild and help to gentle and train them. This is an amazing experience to be apart of, being the first to touch a wild mustang, earn their trust, become a partner, and see them thrive in their new homes. Come meet the resident mustangs, learn about mustangs life in the wild, and how they adapt to their new domestics lives. Depending on the time of year of your visit, you may also get to meet one of the fresh arrivals and see the Tashunka trainers going through the gentling process.

The Tashunka mustangs do travel, and have participated in education events at various horse shows, county fairs, and corporate events. If you would like a mustang to be apart of your next special event please contact us.

Here are some of the resident mustangs......