Redmond Petting Farm

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    Magnum was born in 1997 and registered as Magnums Dandy Dream with the Pony of the Americas Club (POA) in April of 2005.  He has been ridden extensively English and Western, as well as having experience Jumping, Dressage, Gaming, and Trail Riding.  Over the past few years, Magnum has had a very successful show career with top placing' in local and county 4H shows, Regional and World POA shows, and the Northwest Trail Championships.


    Since coming to us in 2006 Magnum has been an active part of the farm Lesson and Lease program.  He has proven to be a very professional athlete, and excels with a quiet rider that will allow him to do his job.  In his free time Magnum likes to watch the chickens, nibble on pasture grass, or play with his Jolly Ball!