Redmond Petting Farm

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ChinchillaMy name is Shakira. I am a Chinchilla originally from the Andes Mountains of South America. I was born on August 1, 2011 and just moved to Tashunka on February 2, 2011. I like to run, jump, and climb but am a nocturnal critter so I am most active at night. During the day I may get grumpy if handled too much or don’t get enough rest.

I am considered a herbivore, which means that I only eat plants. My favorite thing to eat is Timothy hay, seeds, and some fruits. Because I am so small and have a sensitive digestive system, I can’t have a lot of treats and definitely do not like potatoes and chocolate.

Because I am so small, and very fragile I need to be held gently and not squeezed hard. Even when being held, I tend to want to crawl around a lot and am not much for sitting still. Don’t forget to wash your hands after petting or holding me!

Comfortable Temperature Range = 63-77
Average Lifespan = up to 10 years
Average Adult Size = 12" long