Redmond Petting Farm

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Lionhead Rabbits

Lionhead Rabbits We are Chuck and Norris! As you probably guessed we are Rabbits, but we are a very special kind of rabbit! We are Lionhead Rabbits! You can tell because of the long hair around our heads that looks sort of like a Lions mane. We are brother and sister, and were born on November 29, 2011 and just moved to the farm on February 2, 2011.

Both of us are herbivores, which means we only eat plants. My favorite thing to eat is Timothy hay, vegetables, and some fruits. As much as we love treats, vegetables, and fruits we really cant eat much or we may get sick, and we definitely do not like potatoes and chocolate.

We do like to be held gently, and feel much safer if you hold us from underneath and pet us softly. Also, because of our long hair we should be brushed daily to make sure we don’t get mats. Don’t forget to wash your hands after petting or holding me!

Average Lifespan = up to 10 years
Average Adult Size = 12” long