Redmond Petting Farm

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  Taffy was born April 1, 1994 in Orovada, Nevada and is registered as Sheza Dande Lion with the American Quarter Horse Association.  She has been ridden extensively English, Western, and Trail Riding.  Over the past few years, Taffy has had a successful show career with top placing's in local and county 4H shows, Regional Open shows, and local schooling shows.


    Since coming to us in 2003 Taffy has been one of the two original horses that helped to start the farm Lesson and Lease program.  She has taught a countless number of students about ground work, communication, and riding.  Taffy has a wonderful personality and is an extremely expressive horse. 


    When Taffy first came to us she was an extremely athletic horse who would respond with the lightest of cues.  Unfortunately, she suffered a series of injuries in late 2003 and early 2004 that has led to a mild case of arthritis in her right foot.  She still continues to teach, but is just a little slower than she used to be.


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